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Basic Functional Forms


Irish designers Trevor Vaugh and Nic Shannon have created the design company vaughshannon. Clarity, functionality and wit are the core guiding principles behind every vaughshannon product. Trevor and Nic believe in creating functional products that offer more than just pleasing aesthetics; their products must integrate into their new owner’s lifestyle and environment seamlessly, whilst at the same time adding a subtle level of personality, wit and intrigue. They believe that a product which operates on a level above pure functionality and aesthetics will help to create a deeper relationship between the owner and the product, a relationship which is necessary in allowing the two to live together harmoniously and which will remain strong over time.



To design any product, they begin first by stripping the initial concept down to its most basic functional form. From this point they add only what is required to optimise the core function of the product, and to give the overall form its distinctive personality and wit. What is left is a characteristic and instantly recognizable vaughshannon product.




freestanding-ful- length-mirror