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Signature carpet collection


TheSignature collection is a global journey inspired by art, culture, people and palettes of our world. Drawing from century old traditions, these Tibetan hand knotted carpets connect old world inspiration with modern innovation.

Indigenous Australian Aboriginal “Dot” Art is created in a dimensional cut and loop pile in wool and silk telling mythic stories of tribal rituals.


A 5000 year old tradition of cultural adornment is captured in menhdi. The henna painted hands of a Hindu bride preparing to wed is interpreted in Tibetan hand knotted wool and silk.


This Tibetan hand knotted wool and silk carpet celebrates the Wolof people of Senegal. Their traditional fashions blend seamlessly into modern environments.


The hand drawn technique of kantha evokes the simple running stitch embroideries of Bengal. The raised loop floats above the cut pile in this wool design.