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Modern Cottage on West Lake Okoboji Shoreline


Set in the densely populated backdrop of Rural Iowa, this contemporary cottage by San Francisco-based MinDay Architects tries to merge modern interiors, comfort and luxury with the charm, beauty and the nostalgia of traditional cottage living. Nestled in the calm of giant Oak trees and adjacent to the beautiful lake, the structure is clad in wood and sports open-air kitchen and dining spaces that allow you to enjoy the majesty of nature.

Modern Home 1

Yet, on he inside is cool and sleek modern luxury that pampers you with its dazzling delights and contrasting shades. With floor-to-ceiling windows that offer you a magical view of the lake, tranquil gardens and complete privacy, this is one holiday spot that you will be hesitant to leave!

Gras Garden 2

Open Interior 3

Spase Interior 4

Interior green 5

Interior View 6

Living Room 7

Modern Kitchen 8