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A unique garage transformation


A previously run down garage has been converted into an exclusive design interior, which reflects the artistic and vivacious personality of its owner. Mr. Andeas Manolioudakis the co-owner of the exhibition Space M-art in Athens, is the proud owner of this residence. When a creative individual full of passion such as this man commissions his childhood friend and talented architect Kiriakos Katsaros to convert this 160sqm space into a lifelong dream full of surprises and glamour, you know that the outcome will be a surprise.

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This project had numerous barriers to break and challenges to solve. The biggest question was ‘How do you convert a dark basement garage into a livable residence which does not fall short of naturally day light. The Greek architect Kiriakos Katsaros who is based in London, together with Andreas Manolioudakis tackled problems such as this head on and proved once more that where there’s a will there’s a way. Light was brought in throughout the residence by taking advantage of the opposite unsheltered 3 storey building which was converted it into a sheltered inclusion within the interior consisting of a glazed roof top, hosting the glorified translucent kitchen. Another jewel like element is the retention of the small internal garden which brings the outdoors indoors.

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A unique garage transformation in Athens, Greece
text by Dossy Iordanidou for MAISON & DECORATION (the Best Greek magazine for interior design inspirations)
English attribution by Tina Komninou for Yatzer